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Witness the terrifying story of Beat Head. Although I subjected myself to its horribly bland, uninspired gameplay and nonsensical opening cutscene, I later found thanks to the internet that this was actually an unreleased prototype game—it could be that Atari never got around to finishing it, but I’m going to give benefit of the doubt and just say someone came to their senses before it hit production.

Apparently, the story would have followed the adventures of two dudes on their couch who, while trying to watch television, accidentally summon some sort of skeleton demon, who swaps their heads with those of the pets next to them. The moral of this story is, if you’re the kind of loser who sits on the couch with your friend and pets so much that you have to have someone take a picture of you all on the couch so you can hang it on the wall in the same room as your couch (it’s right there in the second image!), then expect bad things to happen to you..

In order to get back to normal, the pair would have to clear blocks from maze-like areas by jumping on them, Q-Bert style. It looks like some sort of rhythm element was involved as well, but I wasn’t impressed enough to really explore it. The entire thing felt shoddy and the story cinematic, coming from 1992, managed to still somehow be less impressive than Dire Strait’s Money For Nothing video from 1985.

wtf i want to play that game

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Woodstock, Before the music began. Photographed by Elliott Landy, 1969.

Woodstock, Before the music began. Photographed by Elliott Landy, 1969.

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